Prevent tomorrow’s chamber failures today.

Wouldn’t you want to know if your chamber is heading towards failure?

Your controlled temperature units, environmental storage chambers, and warehouses store valuable materials critical to the success of your business. If those chambers fail, you could lose important research and valuable products, or need to re-start studies, delaying product shipment and losing revenue.

The Predictive Maintenance Monitoring system from Masy BioServices will warn you when your environmental chambers are starting to fail before you have a temperature excursion, preventing the loss of your materials and creating the opportunity to address the problem before it becomes catastrophic.


Monitor critical parameters to prevent unwelcome surprises.

By the time your controlled temperature chamber has had an excursion, it’s too late. A cooling system headed towards failure will, over time, work harder to maintain the required conditions, accelerating the breakdown of system components – even as the chamber appears to be operating correctly and continues to hold temperature to your specification.

Predictive maintenance monitoring measures the performance of those cooling system components, alerting you when changes in temperature and pressure within the cooling system predict a future failure of your chamber.


The right information at the right time: before the excursion occurs.

Facility managers can see a visual dashboard of system data for easy visualization of performance trends. Users can also set custom alarm thresholds for conditions that exceed your tolerance, and set alerts via phone call, SMS text message, and e-mail.


Predictive monitoring is more cost-effective than preventative maintenance.

With time-based or operation count-based preventative maintenance, system components are replaced or maintained whether they need to be or not. This practice is labor-intensive, unnecessarily costly, potentially wasteful, and can interrupt your scheduled operations.

Predictive maintenance monitoring can help you realize cost savings and efficiency by allowing you to perform only the necessary maintenance, during the most convenient window of opportunity, to prevent a chamber failure. Knowing a chamber needs maintenance before it fails allows you to choose when the repairs are performed; a proactive versus reactive approach to chamber maintenance.


Is Predictive Maintenance Monitoring right for me?

You should consider Predictive Maintenance Monitoring if:

  • The value or rarity of your stored materials warrants 100% chamber uptime
  • The quantity of your stored materials would prevent an easy transfer to backup chambers
  • Your chamber does not have a redundant alternate cooling system


Choose Predictive Maintenance Monitoring to ensure chamber performance.

Predictive Maintenance Monitoring is your “crystal ball” for monitoring environmental chamber performance. See and prevent chamber failures before they happen.

Contact Masy BioServices today to learn more about Predictive Maintenance Monitoring.

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