Pressure Monitoring

FDA-regulated clean rooms are designed to provide a controlled physical environment that eliminates contamination; pressure monitoring is critical where the architectural elements can have an effect on pressure cascades. Successfully monitoring pressure changes can help you prevent cross-contamination and ensure a safe, stable environment for consistent, repeatable processes - ensuring the quality of product development and delivery.

The Hanwell 4000DP differential pressure sensor can monitor critical differential pressure levels within your laboratory and production environments. The sensor comes standard with 2 meters of silicon tubing for fast and easy installation into ventilation and filtering systems.

Hanwell Pressure Sensor Specifications:

Dimensions: 197mm x 106mm x 60mm
Weight: 300g
Power Supply: 3.6V AA Lithium Battery
Case Material: ABS
Memory Capacity: 100,000 readings
IP Rating: IP50
Product RL4000DP RL5000DP
Description Single-channel differential pressure unit Multi-channel differential pressure unit
Frequency 457.600 433-458
Pressure Sensor Miniature silicon sensor Miniature silicon sensor
Range +/- 1250 Pa +/- 50 Pa
Accuracy +/- 5 Pa +/- 0.5 Pa
Resolution 1 Pa 0.1 Pa
Pressure Connector 2x3.2mm outside diameter, 1.6 mm inside diameter tube, 2m long 2 x Lemo pressure connectors

All specifications above refer to unadjusted units; custom adjustments can be performed to order to improve state accuracies.

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4000DP Hanwell Monitor

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