Reliable Environmental Monitoring with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Your samples and products are important to the world; valuable research specimens, and cultures may be irreplaceable once lost. The loss of critical goods can be devastating to your company and its customers. Environmental conditions can affect the integrity of your products, having a direct effect on your product quality, their performance, and your bottom line.

To be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 FDA regulations, you need a system that will not only continuously monitor the conditions affecting your goods, but also provide evidence that monitoring data has not been modified and remains secure.

An environmental monitoring system from Masy has the ability to help you
  • protect product with continuous monitoring
  • show compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • make decisions on how to react to excursions

Gain 24/7 visibility in any space with Hanwell Environmental Monitoring system.

Hanwell, a 20-year global leader in environmental monitoring systems, is the solution Masy uses and trusts. The Hanwell system helps you protect the integrity of your goods by giving complete, 24/7 visibility into the environmental conditions in your manufacturing processes and supply chain.

Whether your requirement is to monitor a single piece of equipment or a network of multiple freezers, incubators, rooms, and other critical equipment across multiple locations, Masy has the experience to configure the best Hanwell monitoring solution for your needs. The right Hanwell system can help you maintain stable environments and meet critical regulations such as cGLP and cGMP.

The Hanwell environmental monitoring system provides accurate, reliable, real-time feedback on the conditions of each monitored space. Each sensor can transmit live data via radio signal for 1.5 line-of-sight miles to a receiver connected to a stand-alone workstation or a local network. The system can automatically notify personnel – audibly, visibly, and by text, phone, and e-mail – if it detects conditions that need addressing, such as rising temperature, increasing humidity, or change in pressure.

Masy not only offers the industry leading Hanwell Environmental Monitoring System, but also a full range of support services from start to finish: installation, validation, training, calibration, and continuous maintenance. Installing a customized Hanwell monitoring system configured for your specific needs is the turnkey solution to address all your environmental monitoring challenges.

Reduce damage to your products and samples with Hanwell.

By using Hanwell sensors you have the ability to react to potentially damaging temperature, pressure, and humidity conditions by being notified of excursions in real-time, reducing the risk and cost of replacing damaged and sensitive products and on-facility repairs. The Hanwell Environmental Monitoring System gives you peace-of-mind through 24/7 visibility into the status of your critical materials.

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