Do you need a wireless alternative to thermocouples?

Temperature, humidity and pressure can change in an instant. You need accurate and timely measurements in all of your spaces for your products. You need a datalogging system that tracks and monitors every inch of your space to ensure chain of accountability. Our goal at Masy is to improve your thermal validation process so you can provide quality products and drugs to your customers.

A thermal validation process from Masy has the ability to help you:
  • Be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Improve and simplify process
  • Save time and money with a streamlined process

Ensure your chain of accountability in any space with DataTrace.

DataTrace, a leader in thermal mapping is the solution Masy uses and trusts. DataTrace is Masy’s solution for datalogging any product or space, ensuring your chain of accountability is intact to protect the quality and integrity of your goods.

The smallest of changes in temperature, humidity and pressure can affect product production, storage and shipping. The DataTrace dataloggers gives you the reliability you need to accurately and precisely make changes to your process to keep your goods safe and secure. The real-time datalogging gives you the flexibility and the assurance that your space and products are being monitored 24/7.

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, and beverage products are only a few situations where you will need an accurate and reliable datalogging solution. Masy can help find the right combination of dataloggers to ensure your compliance and quality of products throughout the entire validation process. Meeting critical regulations as well as cGLP, cGMP and cGDP is a necessity; with DataTrace dataloggers you know those critical regulations are met by controlling the process of storing and shipping your goods.

Streamline your thermal validation process.

From identifying cold and hot spots to real-time reporting and alarm notifications you will have control of your process and quality of goods 24/7. Logging all levels of temperature, humidity and pressure will help you identify product quality problems before delivery to patients and customers.

By pinpointing trouble spots – such as cold and hot spots – you can make changes to the areas before goods arrive saving you time and money having to change processes or replace goods. All help to stay compliant with FDA regulations with real-time data and reporting. Alarm notifications will be sent when readings are off, alerting you to potential dangerous conditions.

DataTrace systems simplify your process by creating automatic reports, sending alarm notification when readings go above or below a threshold and identifying problem spots to keep all of your goods safe.

Contact Masy BioServices to start tracking the temperature, humidity, and pressure inside your storage chamber.

DataTrace Loggers
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