Masy's biostorage service offers confidence at all temperatures.

Masy’s biorepository facility securely stores

  • cell banks
  • clinical study samples
  • vaccines
  • drug compounds
  • production stock
  • medical devices
  • and other biologic products

under precisely-controlled temperature and humidity requirements, ensuring the integrity of your valuable materials.

Masy has over 30 years of experience with cGMP practices and FDA regulations; we treat your critical materials as if they were our own.

You can have confidence that the materials you entrust to us will remain safe, secure, and compliant to your specifications and tolerances until you need access to them again.

Protocols, Audits, and Best Practices

Recognized GMP Facility - Masy abides by guidelines and requirements at the request of our customers to provide the service and support needed. We proudly note our recognition in MA and Japan as a GMP facility.

Masy is willing to share industry best practices with our customers, and reciprocally welcome such advice from our customers so we can continually improve to deliver the service you need.

Audits - Masy agrees that our customers will audit our facility to review documentation, practices, and processes so your questions can be answered and we can earn your trust. Masy is also audited by outside agencies to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 to maintain our certification and accreditation.

Temperature Trends - Masy monitors and scrutinizes temperature and RH conditions in our storage rooms and chambers. Alarms are instigated as sensors begin to drift so there is sufficient time to intervene before conditions go out of specifications. Trends are available to our customers for areas your products are stored in for the duration of their stay, or as requested. Any condition that creates an alarm will be documented and addressed. Customers will be notified according to your preference.

Multiple levels of redundancies, generators, and security.

To ensure the safety of the valued items you have entrusted to our care, Masy has created multiple levels of redundancies. If street power fails, Masy has two oversized generators, each capable of running our entire operation, with auto switch over. Each -75°C, -60°C, and -40°C walk-in chamber has triple redundant heating and cooling systems, dual compressors, and alternatively LN2. Ambient warehouses have redundant heating and cooling systems.

Multiple levels of security are employed to ensure your high value sensitive products are protected 24/7/365. Combination of swipe cards, limited access, Cyber Locks on all chambers, video surveillance monitoring with security allows us and our customers to sleep well at night knowing protection is prevalent.

Our customers can rest assured that their valued products are in the requested condition throughout their stay at Masy due to redundancies, efficiencies, and vigilance; and quality chambers, procedures, and processes.

Store your critical materials today with Masy BioServices.

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Custom Storage Conditions
Our facility conditions include, but are not limited to:
  • Stability Storage (25°C — 70°C)
  • Controlled Storage (20°C — 25°C)
  • Ambient Storage (15°C — 30°C)
  • Refrigerated Storage (2°C — 8°C)
  • Freezer Storage (-20°C/-40°C)
  • Ultra-Cold Storage (-75°C)
  • Cryogenic LN2 (-135°C/-196°C)

Biostorage Applications
Consider off-site, secure, and monitored cGMP biostorage for:
  • Mirror banking
  • Emergency storage
  • Contingency planning
  • Overflow storage
  • Transitional storage
  • Long-term storage

Biostorage Customer Support
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