Fall 2017 Facilities Managers Round Table Event Presentations

On November 9, 2017, we held an informative and educational roundtable event at the Sanofi Northborough facility. Presenters discussed best practices in getting ready for the harsh winter weather ahead and how to prepare your facility for emergency situations. The presentations can be viewed below:

Chris Dillon from Sanofi presented some of the activities that they do in order to be prepared including the use of Google Maps to show a snow removal plan.
View the Sanofi Presentation by Chris Dillon

Neil Peirson from Tobin Scientific presented information on Tobin’s capability to respond to emergencies 24/7 with their team and their fleet of redundant generator trucks. 
View the Tobin Scientific Presentation by Neil Peirson

Geoff Wilkinson Jr. from Wilkinson Companies presented information on Wilkinson’s mobile boiler solution and how to prepare for emergencies. 
View the Wilkinson Companies Presentation by Geoff Wilkinson

John Masiello from Masy BioServices presented activities that Masy does starting in September to get ready for the winter weather including presenting checklists for heating, cooling, refrigeration and rooftop work that are followed. 
View the Masy BioServices Presentation by John Masiello

Joe Schmidt from Masy BioServices presented information and findings on the predictive maintenance system that has been deployed at Masy and Sanofi for their compressors. 
View the Masy BioServices Presentation by Joe Schmidt

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