Storage of 10,000 Cubic Feet of Medical Device Aging Storage

Project Scope:

  • Long term storage of 10,000 cuft consisting of thousands of boxes containing medical devices undergoing real time aging 
  • Secure cGMP Real Time Shelf Life storage of final product in Masy’s 25°C +/5° warehouse 


  • 1 Inventory Specialist
  • 1 Product Monitoring Technician
  • 1 Project Management Specialist
  • 2 Shipping /Receiving Technicians
  • 2 Administrative Assistants
  • 1 Quality Review Specialist


  • Energy Efficient 20-25°C warehouse
  • 2 DataLoggers


Samples were successfully stored and scheduled pulls for testing continue to happen.

Project Summary:

Masy BioServices successfully stored 10,000 cubic feet of medical device products for aging studies on our 20°C to 25°C warehouse due to customer’s warehouse being shut down.

Masy has been able to store thousands of containers and assist in scheduled pulls required by the customer for testing. Masy’s team has provided stable conditions for these samples and proven to be a cost effective option for this customer rather than having their own warehouse.

Based on the success of this order the customer continues to store similar materials at Masy and can confidently rely on Masy to handle their stability samples.

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