Storage and Monitoring of Medical Device Retains


Project Scope:

  • Long term storage of 185 boxes of medical devices at CRT
  • Secure cGMP storage with multiple pulls throughout multiple  45 month studies


  • 4 Shipping / Receiving Technicians
  • 1 Quality Review Specialist
  • 2 Administrative Assistants


  • Walk In Stability Chamber at ASR-3 CRT (20-25°C)


  • Study was successfully completed and pulls were done efficiently

Project Summary:

Masy BioServices was able to successfully store and monitor 185 boxes of medical device retains and dispose of samples when scheduled. Masy's team of skilled professionals were able to consolidate all of the samples, sort the individual devices by expiration date, qualify a disposal house and ship the samples to be disposed.

Storage of large volumes of medical device retains can require a lot of valuable space and with Masy's aggressive pricing the customer was able to shift this activity and save money while doing so.

This customer has been using Masy BioServices as their go to choice for storage and monitoring of retains and will continue to do so because of the professional and efficient way their products are handled.

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