Rapid-Response Mapping of 10 Incubators

Project Scope:

  • Validate 10 incubators
    • 8 direct heat
    • 2 water-jacketed
  • 2 day notice; 1 week deadline
  • Masy-designed, customer-formatted protocols
  • Masy Quality Department reviews all documents


  • 2 Validation Technicians
  • 1 Quality Review Specialist


  • 5 Kaye Validator 2000s
  • 10 Kaye SIMs
  • 2 Kaye IRTDs
  • 2 Kaye LTR-140 Dry Wells
  • 80 Masy Ultra-Premium Type T Thermocouples


  • Project completed within 7 days
  • Final billing equal to quote / purchase order

Project Summary:

Masy BioServices successfully validated 10 incubators, meeting an aggressive deadline on short notice, for a critical time-sensitive project.

Due to our depth of experienced personnel and equipment, as well as our technicians’ willingness to devote extra hours, Masy was able to complete this short-notice challenge — preparing all protocols and equipment within 2 days, and completing all on-site work in less than 5 days.

All final validation reports were submitted in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The customer found no errors in our documentation.

This customer continues to call Masy regularly for validation projects. 

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