Long Term Storage for Multiple Samples at a Range of Cold Temperatures


Project Scope:

  • Long term storage of multiple diverse samples in secure GMP storage at 2°C to 8°C, - 20°C and at - 75°C conditions.
  • Able to store all customer requested materials in physically segregated storage space


  • 2 Inventory Specialist
  • 1Shipping / Receiving Technicians
  • 1 Quality Review Specialist
  • 2 Administrative Assistants


  • Refrigerator Storage 2°C to 8°C Walk In
  • Freezer Storage -20°C Walk In
  • Ultra-Cold Storage at -75°C Walk In


  • Samples were successfully consolidated and customer is saving money

Project Summary:

With no space in customer’s storage units, materials were sent to Masy so customer could consolidate and reorganize their freezers.

Due to customer’s location storing their research materials at our offsite cGMP facility has proven to be a more convenient and cost effective solution allowing them to consolidate their materials.

Following cGMP standards Masy’s qualified team has been able to provide environmental and security monitoring, data recording and redundancies, and inventory data for this loyal customer.

This customer has been a regular client for many years, and continues to count on Masy for the storage of their valuable research material.

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