Calibration, Validation, and Maintenance of 13 Chambers

Project Scope:

  • Calibrate & maintain 12 stability chambers
  • Calibrate & validate 1 stability chamber
  • Customer-designed protocols
  • Masy Quality Department reviews all documents



  • 1 Senior Validation Engineer
  • 1 Quality Review Specialist



  • 1 Kaye Validator 2000
  • 2 Kaye SIMs
  • 1 Kaye IRTD
  • 1 Kaye LTR-140 Dry Well
  • 16 Masy Ultra-Premium Type T Thermocouples
  • 4 Rotronic Relative Humidity Sensors
  • 1 Relative Humidity Datalogger
  • 3 Fluke Platinum Resistance Thermometers
  • 1 Fluke Reference Thermometer



  • 1 week to complete entire project
  • Final billing under quote / purchase order

Project Summary:

Masy BioServices successfully calibrated and performed preventative maintenance on 12 environmental chambers, as well as calibrated and validated an additional chamber, under the customer’s timeframe and budget requirements.

This customer is on a recurring 6-month schedule for chamber calibration and chamber preventative maintenance. They are on a 2-year schedule for complete re-qualification of in-service chambers as well. Whenever possible, when a new unit requires validation, the validation is scheduled to coincide with the preventative maintenance schedule to save on travel and per diem expenses, as was the case on this project. 

Due to Masy’s large inventory of calibration and validation equipment, and the wide-ranging expertise of our personnel, this entire project was completed by one Senior Validation Engineer in less than 1 week on-site.

This customer has been a regular client for many years, and continues to count on Masy for quick, reliable and consistently expert service.

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