Case Studies

Learn how other companies have successfully engaged Masy BioServices to help solve their unique challenges in IQ / OQ / PQ validation, metrology & calibration, and secure biostorage needs.

Calibration & Mapping of -80°C Freezer

Calibration and validation of an -80°C freezer, meeting the customer’s need for quick completion.

Calibration, Validation, and Maintenance of 13 Chambers

Calibrated, performed preventative maintenance, and validated chambers, within timeframe and budget requirements.

Mapping of 2 Incubators Using Wireless Dataloggers

Validation of two incubators, meeting the customer’s need for quick completion.

Rapid-Response Mapping of 10 Incubators

Validation of 10 incubators, meeting an aggressive deadline on short notice, for a critical time-sensitive project.

Short Term Storage of Finished Drug Substances

Secure short-term storage for three one-pallet shipments of finished drug substance in drums at -22.5°C +/- 2.5°C

Thermal Mapping of 130 Chambers

Validation of 130 chambers, beating the deadline and the budget, despite several obstacles.

Validating 12 Chambers for Temperature & Humidity

Validation of a variety of 12 environmental chambers, rapidly and under budget.

Long Term Storage for Multiple Samples at a Range of Cold Temperatures

Long term storage of multiple different samples in secure GMP storage at 2°C to 8°C, - 20°C and at - 75°C conditions.

Storage and Monitoring of Medical Device Retains

Long term storage of 185 boxes of medical device retains at CRT

Storage of 10,000 Cubic Feet of Medical Device Aging Storage

Long-term storage of 10000 cubic feet consisting of thousands of boxes containing medical devices undergoing real time aging

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