Pennsylvania Qualification, Validation, Calibration, and Biostorage Services

Your Comprehensive East Coast Qualification and Validation Service Provider

For over 30 years, Masy BioServices has offered professional validation and qualification services for pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies in Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic Region, and along the East Coast. From our Mid-Atlantic field office in Hatfield, PA and our main office in Pepperell, MA, we can quickly qualify your chambers, autoclaves, steam-in-place applications, and data acquisition and retention systems. With a talented in-house workforce and the industry's largest inventory of datalogging systems, we can efficiently qualify multiple pieces of equipment or several chambers at once.

A Premier NVLAP-Accredited Metrology Laboratory

Masy BioServices offers top-tier NVLAP-accredited calibration services from our headquarters in Pepperell, Massachusetts. Located in the suburbs of Boston, at the intersection of several highways and transportation centers, Masy BioServices has easy access to all life science communities. Ship your primary standards, working standards, readouts, and other instruments to us for fast and accurate calibration; our trained technicans can also perform many calibrations on-site for your convenience.

Secure Off-Site GMP Biostorage

Masy BioServices offers cost-effective off-site GMP biorepository storage for clinical study samples, vaccines, drug compounds, production stock, medical devices, and other biologic products under precisely-controlled temperature and humidity requirements. For pharmaceutical companies near Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and other highly-priced life science centers, off-site GMP storage at our secure facility in suburban Boston, MA can be a budget-friendly option without sacrificing security, stability, or accessibility. 

Based on the East Coast; Serving Customers World-Wide

Masy BioServices' roots are in the suburban family community of Pepperell, MA, but our close proximity to the Boston, Massachusetts metro area allows us to offer our services not only in New England or along the East Coast, but across North America and beyond — we have successful client relationships across the globe. Contact us today to learn more about how Masy BioServices can help solve your calibration, qualification, and biostorage challenges with superior service, quality, and speed.

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